Festival of Youth (2008)

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Illustrations by Shona Doyle Poster by Maria Bates

Performances: Tue 17th – Sat 21st June 2008, Prompt Corner

The Festival of Youth 2008, featured three productions from the junior and intermediate groups of South London Youth Theatre.

When Murder Came to Tea

By Simon Holland

Directed by Maria Bates


Lady Bessington-Bessington’s functions are always the talk of the town, and when Hack - a budding young reporter for the Daily Stuff - manages to sneak into the dinner party of the century, he bites off more than he can chew. Award-winning scientist, Doctor Bulb, is back from Antarctica and everyone has their eye on her brilliant brain. Colonel Bomb is looking for a new weapon to take on the world. Connie Crete needs help with her skyscrapers. Billionaire Buck Dollars III is sniffing around for the next big deal, and Monsieur Blousson has something in mind that will take the art world by storm. But perhaps the most startling and mysterious of all Her Ladyship’s guests is one that will change their lives forever... As they tuck into the main course, a dark and deadly intruder creeps up the tree-lined gravel driveway... A visitor they never expected... A grim figure who is not on the guest list... A shocking thing that can only be called... MURDER.


Members of the Junior group

Children of Darkness

By Peter Stevens

Directed by Victoria Waddington and Peter Stevens


Eight years ago, in the village of Anglestock, several children were abducted from their homes in a crime wave that shook the community. Whilst the reason for their disappearance has been resolved, their fate remains a mystery. Meanwhile, Janey is facing her own problems. Whilst her parents marriage is falling apart, her brother continues his genetically pre-disposed campaign to annoy her and her friends and she has become the latest victim of Chloe, the school bully. When she and her friends think they have found a safe haven from these problems, they discover a savage community where life has become a fight for survival.


Members of the Intermediate group

Son of Dracula Meets Frankenstein's Bride's Sister

By Stuart Draper

Directed by Alex Kapila and Stuart Draper


A hilarious spoof of all your favourite black and white monster movies. More laughs than you could shake a pitchfork at...


Members of the Intermediate group

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