Burst - a Warning from Recent History (2003)

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Poster by Will Howard

by C B Tempest

Adapted for the stage from a screenplay & directed by Steve Ellis

Performances: Wed 12th to Sat 15th March 2003, Prompt Corner


"There's a thin line between life and death,
truth and deceit and dreams and reality."

Based on true events, this is the story of three young, intelligent people who all shared the same belief that society was beneath them and that they were above everyone else.

Jane and Ruth meet at university and the pair strike up a unique friendship that isolates them from their peers. Jane falls in love with Stephen, a moody, unemployed loner with extreme views and ambitions. He moves into the house that Jane and Ruth share, and falling in love with Ruth, he becomes the catalyst for the explosive events that cause their lives to burst apart.

Set in both Britain and America in the early to mid 1990s, this play looks at the issue of guns (once again hitting the headlines), and at how a lack of meaning and stability in life can unleash deep resentment.




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