Bermondsey (1987)

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by John Mortimer

Directed by W. Malcolm Woodman

Performances: Fri 11th – Sun 13th December 1987, Prompt Corner


Set in the back room of the Cricketers pub on Christmas Eve, Pip arrives, as always, to spend Christmas with Bob and Iris only to find that Bob is all set to run off with Rosemary, the barmaid.

Half of a double bill with "The Romance".




John Mortimer's BERMONDSEY is a wry little play about a pub landlord who plans to leave his wife and set up in a classier establishment with a sexy younger woman.

But there are two triangles here, for he has long been embroiled in a homosexual liaison with an old army chum.

W. Malcolm Woodman, who directs, invests this with a wistful delicacy but not much sense of angst.

It was held together by Kate Feeney, who played the landlord's wife with reak urgency and some passion. As her husband, Derek Staples presented a rather weak and indecisive figure, while Ian Glencross as his long-term boyfriend was a mere study in well-bred amiability.

Vanessa Kelsey, as the young woman, was all surface glitter, a companion one might back in a canter but not as a stayer.

Donald Madgwick, The Croydon Advertiser, Dec 18th - As re-printed (with permission) in SCENE.


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