When We are Married (1997)

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Poster by Alan Buckman

by J B Priestley

Directed & Designed by Alan Buckman

Performances: Tue 9th – Sat 13th December 1997, Bell Theatre


The action takes place in the sitting room of Alderman Helliwell's house in Clecklewyke, a town in the West Riding of Yorkshire, on an evening in 1908.

  • On September 5th 1893, at the Lane End Chapel in the Yorkshire town of Clecklewyke, three hopeful young couples were married. Twenty five years later, having remained friends all this time, they meet to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary. The intervening quarter of a century has been good to them and they have become solid, respectable and civically responsible people (in other words, stuffy, pompous and self-opinionated). So what is their reaction going to be when they discover that because of a fault at their mutual wedding ceremony, they are not married at all?


The attempts of the six hapless worthies to keep the situation quiet and to sort things out are thwarted at every turn by their belligerent - and slightly tipsy - housekeeper, and befuddled - and slightly tipsy - local photographer, a brassy barmaid and a secret from the past, and their feckless young maid.

The bulk of the comedy, however, comes from the way the new situation changes the characters of the six unmarrieds - pomposity is exploded, worms turn and dragons become mice. Certainly their relationships will never be the same again. It is Priestly's wonderful way with words, creating deliciously comic dialogue, that has made this one of the greatest comedies of the century.

Alan Buckman Director.




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Alan Buckman's set - an Edwardian middle-class drawing room - was so beautifully decorated that it was given a round of applause for itself as soon as I opened the tabs.

Jill Davies, SM

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