The Memory of Water (2001)

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by Shelagh Stephenson

Directed & Designed by Alan Buckman

Performances: Tue 2nd – Sat 6th October 2001, Bell Theatre


Three sisters (definitely not of the Chekhovian sort) come together for the funeral of their mother. The similarities and differences of their characters and more particularly of their memories, form the basis of the play. The eldest sister, the neurotically maternal Teresa (Maggie Cearns) really shouldn't drink - but she does. The middle sibling, Mary (Ann-Marie Carlile) is a paranoid doctor who shouldn't be having an affair with a married man - but is. And the youngest, Catherine (Emma Gorie) really should try to get her life together - but can't. Fuelled by drink and dope these three find that personal grievances have coloured their memories which, differing greatly, cause immense friction.

We also meet their mother, Vi (Anita Sollis) who, although dead, returns to give her vision of the past and her relationship with her daughters. Teresa's husband and business partner, Frank (Nick Mortimore) and Mary's lover, Mike (Peter Loftus) try to fit in with the family chaos, but find themselves left more and more out in the cold.

"The Memory of Water" is so funny that it appears at first to be pure black comedy, with the newly bereaved sisters indulging wildly in witty bickering and dope-induced dressing up. Their quarrels over the funeral arrangements, their well-worn family roles, their unsatisfactory men and their mixed memories of a highly feminine working class mother are hilarious.

A West End hit with Alison Steadman, Samantha Bond and Julia Sawalha, the play is a roller-coaster ride of emotions - and great fun.

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