The Marriage-Go-Round (2003)

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Poster by Emma Connolly photo copyright (photograph@Shaun Baily 2001)

by Leslie Stevens

Directed by Emma Howcutt

Performances: Tue 4th – Sat 8th March 2003, Bell Theatre


The Marriage-Go-Round is a comedic look at the lives of Paul Delville, Professor of Cultural Anthropology, and his wife Content, Women’s Principal. They are a secure and happily married couple everything is normal. If it stayed like that there wouldn’t be much of a play, so let’s introduce the young Swedish houseguest, Katrin Sveg, whose arrival drives Paul and Content to question everything about their marriage. As Paul struggles with his emotions, slowly bending under Katrin’s pressure, we see Content discussing the language of love with Language Professor Ross Barnett, her close friend and trusted advisor. The action is accompanied by lectures Paul and Content give on monogamy to their students.




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