The Blue Room (2011)

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by David Hare adapted from Der Reigen written by Arthur Schnitzler (1862–1931), and more usually known as La Ronde.

Directed by Maria Bates

Performances: Tuesday 5th to Saturday 9th April 2011, Bell Theatre


The Blue Room is based on a series of vignettes written by Dr Arthur Schnitzler in 1896. It explores various themes including the seemingly pointless nature of sexual connections, love, longing and the fickleness of human behaviour that is based largely on who we are interacting with at any given moment.

In Hare’s retelling, the story remains the same, ten characters fall in and out of bed with each other, never quite finding fulfilment but the setting and some of the ideas have changed.

The backdrop for The Blue Room is described ambiguously as ‘one of the great cities of the world, in the present day'. This is indicative of how the landscape and characters can transcend time and place. Perhaps attitudes have changed but the basic feelings associated with these interactions and relationships have not.

Whether we speak about the original version of the play that caused police action to ensue or the media hyped more recent production that saw Nicole Kidman in the lead role, it has had the same effect....audiences flocked to both productions.


I would like to offer my special thanks to everyone who helped to make the production possible: the wonderful cast and crew for all their hard work, support and commitment to the show. Also Pete Coombs, Gerard Johnson, Alan Buckman, Gavin Parker, Val Williams and Mark Bullock for added assistance when needed. John Kelly from Bargain Furniture Ltd for the very kind donation of a carpet, Craig Pemberton for great inspiration and extra last minute help with music from the other side of the pond, Matt Hudson and Sean Garratt for their wonderful warm-ups, the lovely Lauri Morgan and Brendan Murphy for keeping me sane, Nick, Scott and all the staff at The Park for making us so welcome and the use of rehearsal space and all the tireless volunteers on box office, the bar, TC and FOH.




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