The Alchemist (1967)

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by Ben Jonson

Designed & Directed by Alex Kanarek

Performances: Mon 30th October– Sun 4th November 1967, Theatre


From the programme of this show. "The Alchemist" was first acted at the Globe Theatre by the King's Men in 1610, probably with Richard Burbage as Face. Since then it has been continuously popular, especially after the Restoration and throughout the eighteenth century.

The reason for this popularity is not hard to find; the play is considered to be one of the most perfect plots ever planned. The characters are universal, the theme of human folly, particularly that obsessive greed which betrays fools into the hands of expert manipulators.

Its message remains valid today - con-men, like the poor are always with us.

The "Penguin" edition of Johnson's First Folio "Workes", which was published in 1616, was used and only the most obscure references were deleted.




"The Alchemist" - MAGNIFICENT.

The South London Theatre Centre on Monday resented their first production "The Alchemist", by Ben Jonson. The Centre presented considerably more than that entertaining but wordy play; they showed conclusively that they could build a model theatre to perfection, with magnificent acoustic properties, and with a stage that could be viewed with comfort from every seat in the house. The whole theatre premises were built out of the old West Norwood Fire Brigade premises by the members of this local theatre club. A remarkable achievement. They showed, too, that they were masters of stagecraft, stage lighting, scenic effects and costume improvisation. I understand that the early Stuart costumes .... were all adapted or constructed from materials and costumes in stock. ...the cast gave a most professional and entertaining production of the play ....The Bawdy humour and lusty situations, the theme of human folly and self-betrayal of men because of their own greed and venality, makes "The Alchemist" a piece full of piquant incidents, absurdities and gusty laughter. Alan Warwick, Brixton Advertiser. 3/10/67


Reminiscences and Anecdotes

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Here is the director of the very first SLTC production, Alex Kanarek. That is me. 46 years ago, sitting at the front of the stage in the cast photo, looking glum. I don't know why, as it was a tremendous honour to be selected to direct that play. I might have been selected partly because, as the chairman of the project committee for much of the time we spent looking for a home, I still remember the heartbreaks and depressions we suffered as it seemed more and more we would never be able to find a new home for the Proscenium Club and its new partner, the Lambeth Players. We chose "The Alchemist" because it is a play I had always wanted to direct, but it also gave good parts to so many members, which was a way of saying "thank you" for all their hard work.

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The only other Ben Jonson play we have produced to date (June 2007) was Volpone almost exactly 40 years later.


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