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Spam Issues

Well it's looking good. In the seven hours since the cut-over we have had zero (0) spam edits, rather than the usual 20-30 per day, so 8-10 expected in that period. Naturally, we won't rest on or laurels, but frankly, it's a huge step in the right direction.

Normal Users


Lady's Not For Burning (1977)

Came across the archive page for this production -- if you want more details of the crew you can find some at

-- Alan


Hi everyone! My name is Lauren, I'm a 3rd year Graphic Design Student at Middlesex University and I'm looking for some help with a project. My grandparents, John and Shelia Harris, were apart of this group in the 70s and 80s and I wanted to use this project to celebrate the theatre group. If anyone has any stories or photographs they could share with me please do! My email is Sorry if this post isn't allowed I just thought I'd try and use this platform to reach out!

Thank you so much Lauren