Stanley Halls

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Stanley Halls, later branded 'Stanley Arts' is a delightful, Edwardian complex of buildings at the bottom of South Norwood Hill which became SLT's temporary home when it vacated the Old Fire Station at the end of October 2015 to facilitate the building's refurbishment.

By means of a huge effort by SLT members, headed by GSM Chaz Doyle, all of SLT's useful costumes and props were moved in one day and stored around the various vacant (and semi-occupied) spaces at Stanley Halls. From early morning until early evening (avoiding the football traffic - Crystal Palace were playing at home) teams at the two sites sorted, carried, loaded, unloaded, re-sorted and put away everything useful that could fit into the hired van (called Gary) driven by the irrepressible Caroline Doyle assisted by 'shotgun', Alex Watts.