Premieres at Play (2004)

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Performances: Wed 13th to Sat 16th October 2004, Prompt Corner

Premieres At Play, the New Writers' Showcase 2004 featured three pieces performed for the first time.

The Silent Fields

By Robert Sloan

Directed by Jack King

PA - Kat Boyce


The Silent Fields is a striking new piece of writing dealing with pollution, disease, mental illness and the changing relationships that people have with each other. Featuring a talented cast this promises to be a memorable and thought provoking premiere.


The Paddington Train

By Peter Medd

Directed by Mark Bullock

PA - Anna Thomas


"This fascinating piece written by Peter Medd involves a journey in more ways than one."


Video Nasty

By Mark Bullock

Directed by Stuart Flitton and Anna York


The setting is a one-room flat in South London. An old man is watching television. Next to him sits a young man. His feet and hands are bound and he is gagged. Blood is coming out of a wound in his leg. Why is the young man in the flat and why is he being treated as a prisoner? As the old man reminisces about his life and the world he has known and the young man is forced to face up to his own actions, the tension rises. Will either man learn anything from the other? And what is to become of the young man?


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