Lucy Pearce

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SLT Member 2006

Acting Roles


She has labradoodle called Rosie and she [the dog that is] does a love wee when she meets you for the first time. She has 2 half brothers, a step brother-ish, 2 step sisters-ish, a mum, a step dad-ish, a dad and a step mum-ish. She goes to a school in a place and lives in another place nearby. She has 2 GREAT-LY AWESOME friends and 2 other friends that attend her school and is fairly popular.(Although obvioulsy those aren't her only friends, she has a lot more friends, like her friend from primary school who moved to France and has now moved back to the place she lives in).

She would like to say thankyou to the two people who wrote this for her..........

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