Kilroy Was (1970)

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by Christopher Gilmore

Directed & designed by Peter Broderick

Performances: Sun 1st – Sat 7th November 1970, Theatre


The action takes place in Godfrey Kilroy's luxury flat on Mayfair over three acts in the "indeterminate present".

This was a world premiere of this play - a farce, but also a fable, a story of the world symbolised by one man looking for love and purpose and terrified that he might find both. Kilroy Was was the SLTC entry for both the first round of the London Amateur Theatre Season and the Croydon Festival of Drama.




"Kilroy Was" is described by its author, Christopher Gilmore" as "a fable, sometimes a farce". Fair enough. But to call the time "The indeterminate present" is the first straw in what proves to be an ill wind. The present is about as determinant as anything can be and no gerrymandering with metaphysics can make it otherwise.

Godfrey Kilroy , an illegitimate, self made man of 25, is immensely rich. He is also disillusioned with life, so we see him seeking to end it. The Hell's Angels jacket sported by his girlfriend Joy bears the legend "I Love God", a sentiment referring nothing more deified than our hero. She makes an entrance in a coffin, and were it not for the astute provisio of lamks in Kilroy's rifle would make her exit by the same conveyance.

Donald Madgwick, The Croydon Advertiser 6.11.70


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