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The GSM is responsible for all work and equipment in both theatre spaces and associated SM and Technical rooms. They are also to ensure that all members are aware of the personal Heath and Safety issues in the Theatre

As a General Council (GC) appointed position, the GSM is answerable to the GC and reports to them on the progress of allotted projects and the day to day issues which need to brought to the GC’s attention. The GSM is to meet on a regular basis with both Theatre Committee (TC) and Prompt Committee (PCC) both together and individually to ensure resources are used effectively.

The GSM is accountable for the allocated GSM budget and is required to sign any claim on that budget.

The GSM is a representative of the South London Theatre (SLT) and, as such, they should be courteous and polite at all times when they are on duty. They are to ensure any issue raised with them is dealt with promptly and to the best of their ability or passed on to those who will be able to resolve the issue.

The GC recognises that this is too large a task for one person and empowers the GSM to recruit as many Deputy GSMs (DGSM) as they feel necessary, their appointment is subject to GC approval. The GC also recognises that the various technical disciplines need specialist skills and empowers the GSM, with the help of the DGSMs, to recruit members into a Technical Team (Team Tech). The GSM is to inform the GC of who is in the Technical Team and which discipline they are a specialist in. It is the GSM’s responsibility to ensure that the DGSMs and members of Team Tech are aware of what is expected of them and the manner in which they should carry out their duties.

The GSM is responsible for identifying the training needs of themselves and their GSM Team and should meet with the GC Training Officer (TO) to discuss the best way to resolve any shortfall. The GSM is to encourage their Team to share their knowledge and experience with other members and to be “shadowed” by less experienced members.

The GSM and their Team are to give every help and assistance to the show Directors and Stage Managers (SMs) and are to ensure that the requested resources are available for their production.

The GSM and their Team are to recognise that while a current show Director or SM is in the theatre space they are subordinate to them and must ask their permission before starting any work which might interfere with the smooth running of the production.

The GSM and their Team are responsible for the SMs, ASMs and backstage crew feeling competent and able to run their shows and give any help and support they can during the production run.