Footprints in the Sand (2005)

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Poster by Mark Davies

by Colin Crowther

Directed by Jess Osorio

Assistant Director - Emma Wilson

Performances: 18th – 21st May 2005, Prompt Corner


(From the programme)

Footprints in the Sand is a powerful drama about faith, hope and love. It centres around a terminally ill man, angry at his own condition and that of the world, who arrives at a deserted beach in Anglesey to see out his days.

At the start of the play the man meets a mysterious woman who casually offers him help and then tells him about another visitor to the area - Dwynwen, a tragic 5th century figure. She too ran away from the despair in her own life - caused not by an incurable illness but by the death of love - and ended up at this very same deserted stretch of coastline.

Suddenly Dwynwen, who became a nun and was later made a saint, appears along with her nurse, apparantly desperate for the young woman to return to her father's household.

Colin Crowther has taken one of the darker versions of the Dwynwen legend and it soon becomes clear that she is in great pain - her trust broken and hope for a happy life shattered.

With the guidance of the mysterious woman, the man seeks to reach out to the ancient saint - recognising her pain and perhaps getting an insight into his own.

Crowther says that his play came partly out of wondering what Dwynwen would have made of the love-struck pilgrims who flocked to the area after her death hoping for a sign as to the strength of their love.

The core of the play, though, is not the real life of an ancient Welsh saint, nor even the very real pain of a man facing a terrible and painful future. This is a play about the ability of people in extreme situations, in any age of place, to find the courage and faith to transform their suffering.

With a simple staging, this strongly written one act play promises to be a thought-provoking evening.



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