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This feedback page is here for all comments relating to the general state of the wiki. Feel free to create a new section for anything you feel is important, or use the discussion tab up there for any meta stuff.

Hi - I enjoyed having a go at adding content, as an ex-member from the 1970s. I tried to create one new production that was missing from the list, but I couldn't work out how to add it to the list of productions. So at the moment, it only exists as a link from my member page. Also, I couldn't work out how to position the photos neatly - sorry if I've been a bit untidy. Philip Parker (1970s member).

Wiki Upgrade

  • mediawiki (the wiki software) has been upgraded from 1.9 to 1.18

There may be some outstanding issues that we haven't spotted. Tell us about anything you find.

  • Upgrade mediawiki to version 1.23


  • When creating a new account you will have to enter a 'captcha'.

We hope this will cut down on the number of spam posts we have been receiving, as they really are a PITA to clean up.
Rather than the wavy letters and numbers, you only have to select all the cats. Microsoft have killed the cats and dogs!
Prospective users now have to answer a theatre related question