Entertaining Mr Sloane (2011)

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Poster by Stevie Hughes

by Joe Orton

Directed by Stevie Hughes

Performances: 1st - 5th February 2011, Bell Theatre


"Terence Rattigan (no friend of the ‘new wave’ theatre of the 50s and 60s) called Entertaining Mr Sloane "the best first play" he had seen "in thirty odd years" and to my mind, it’s Orton’s funniest: his targets in it are 'ordinary, decent people' rather than the trusted institutions of society (which are not so trusted nowadays) and instead of the verbal machine-gun fire you get in Loot and What the Butler Saw, Orton slowly fattens and ripens his prey before surgically picking them off, like a sniper, piece by piece, as the play reaches its hilarious climax." - Stevie

Plot summary

Middle-aged Kath has amorous designs on her new, young lodger but Ed, her domineering brother, will have none of it until he too succumbs to the charms of the mysterious Mr Sloane. As they compete for the boy’s affections, their lust soon rips open old family wounds as Sloane blithely plays off brother against sister. That is, until their ageing father (the "Dadda") recognises Sloane as the still-at-large perpetrator of a past, violent crime. Threatened with exposure, Sloane takes drastic measures that crank up the absurdity to hysterical levels.




Special Thanks

  • A HUGE, HUGE thank you to Chris Briggs and all the folks at Emmaus for the loan of the settee and furniture.
  • To Mark Davies, Gavin Parker and Lisa Thomas for stepping in at such short notice;
  • 'Radio Days' of Lower Marsh, Waterloo for the hire of Ed's suit;
  • To the Front-Of-House, Membership and Bar staff…
  • … and to all those wonderful people at SLT who keep this miracle of a cultural oasis alive!


‘SARDINES’ Magazine | Paul Campion

‘BROMLEY TIMES’ (p.21) | 10 Feb 2011 | Mark Campbell


Pics: Mark Davies

Kath sloane2.jpg

Ted Riley ('Sloane') & Lorraine Spenceley ('Kath')

Dadda toasts.jpg

Pat Brown ('Dadda')

Sloane twists daddas ear.jpg

Ted Riley ('Sloane') & Pat Brown ('Dadda')


Tim Witcomb ('Ed')

Kath w teeth.jpg

Lorraine Spenceley ('Kath')

Reminiscences and Anecdotes

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