Da (1985)

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by Hugh Leonard (John Byrne)

Directed by Brenda Meldrum

Performances: Sun 31th March - Sat 6th April 1985, Bell Theatre


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Reminiscences and Anecdotes

I remember the lighthouse light was shown on stage by the means of a Strand Pattern 23 spotlight mounted on a boom arm pulled on its axis so that the spot crossed the stage, then it was fade out and a length of elastic pulled to back to the start position. The arm, fortunately, was still there in Decemeber for me to use for a follow spot for one of the spirits in "A Christmas Carol".

The oddest reminder to the cast was that only Colm (Da) was allowed to walk through the wall of the kitchen (as that character was dead and only existed in Charlie's memory)

Brian Fretwell.

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