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These people have worked as Stage Managers on SLT Productions

The Stage Manager and ASMs take over from the director during the run of the show, they also are involved in the planning of the show - especially in all decisions about set changes and props. Their responsibilities include:

Before rehearsals start:

  • Helping plan the show, especially with regard to set designs, set changes and props. The SM should be invited to any meetings with the set designer to make sure that the ideas being considered are possible.
  • May have to recruit ASMs for the production.

During the run:

  • Makes sure the cast and crew are on time and have everything they need to do their jobs.
  • Carrys out set changes
  • Cues the show: using the radio cans to keep in touch with the technical team and give them cues for lighting, sound, flying, curtain changes etc.
  • Managing props: making sure props are stored safely, available to the actors when they need them, and accounted for at the end of each performance and the end of the show's run.
  • Bringing up the audience from bar: announcing 10 and 5 minutes to curtain-up for the start of the show and the start of the second half.
  • Handling any problems during the show - if lights fail, if the curtains stick, if the auditorium floods - it's the stage manager's job to sort things out.
  • ASMs will also usually manage front of house duties on show nights - taking audience tickets and handing out programmes.