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The Production Assistant is the director's right hand in all aspects of the production and typically comes to every rehearsal and is involved throughout the process.

For new directors it is wise to appoint an experienced PA. More experienced directors might consider taking on a new member in this role, or someone who is keen to direct in the future.

Some of the jobs a production assistant might take on include:

  • Helping communicate with cast members outside of rehearsals
  • Taking cast warm-ups
  • Prompting in rehearsals
  • Taking rehearsal when director can't attend
  • Acting as a "second unit director"
  • Making notes in rehearsal - blocking and acting decisions, things to do, props or costumes to find etc.
  • Acting as sounding board and creative second opinion for the director
  • Getting hold of hard-to-find props
  • Helping with costume issues
  • Helping rig lights
  • Helping build and paint the set
  • Just about anything else that needs doing

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