A Slice of Saturday Night (2008)

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Poster by Maria Bates

by The Heather Brothers

Directed by Jack King

Performances: Tue 1st - Sat 5th April 2008, Bell Theatre


From the Wikipedia entry: A Slice of Saturday Night is a pastiche of the Sixties and a tale of teenage dreams, young love and romance it is set around 1964 in nightclub called Club-a-Go-Go.

The teenagers are usually played by people much older<ref>A Slice of Saturday Night on Wikipedia</ref>

"Why don't we do it again?', said Lisa. "It will be the tenth annivaersary." It seemed such an innocuous remark. Gathered in the bar reminiscing over old times were the few of the remnants of a remarkable production that had first seen the light of day some nine years previously. "I'm way too old.", I replied. "You could direct.", she said. "Yeah right!", I said. "That is not going to happen...." Thus was set in motion the course of events that brings "Slice" back to SLT after ten years. It's a beguiling show that bewitches anyone blessed enough to be a part of it. It's taken a massive team of actors, musicians, technical crew and backstage staff to bring it to fruition. I just hope you have as much fun watching as we had bringing it to the stage. Jack King, Director.





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"One of the best shows I have ever been in, so much fun! Especially getting throw-up over my shoe every night and making Chaz giggle!" Brendan Murphy (Eddie)

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