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*Charlie Brown - [[David Evans]]
*Charlie Brown - [[David Evans]]
*Lucy - [[Ninette Mordaunt]]
*Lucy - [[Ninette Mordawnt]]
*Linus - [[Malcolm Stevens]]
*Linus - [[Malcolm Stevens]]
*Patty - [[Jeanette Hoile]]
*Patty - [[Jeanette Hoile]]

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by Clark Gesner

Directed & Designed by Bruce Murray

Musical Director - Lynn Jenner

Performances: Sat 16th & Sun 17th April 1977, Prompt Corner


This was staged in the round'.



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A great little show that went on to have several revivals including me as Charlie Brown. This version was done in the round and was restaged at the NATHDA (sic) festival, in the round as well. Bruce Murray Director

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