Youth Shows: The Monster Quest/Woolfie (2006)

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Performances: Mon 20th to Wed 22nd March 2006, Prompt Corner

The Junior and Intermediate groups of the South London Youth Theatre presented two contrasting pieces.

The Monster Quest

By Simon Holland

Directed by Angela Barnes and Simon Holland


Somewhere, on a distant island, a mysterious monster lurks about. It hasslobbered all over the village topiary and eaten all of the local crops...and the natives are really rather miffed. Join Captain Joyce Stick, her crewof loyal stewards and a team of academic 'legendary creature' experts asthey piece together the evidence. Where did it come from? What does it looklike? Which of the eminent Professors has the correct monster theory? And,most important of all... what is that smell?


Members of the Junior group


By Sybil St Claire

Directed by Victoria Waddington & Carly Binger


Blending three well-loved fairy tales, Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Woolfie takes place in a series of flashbacks as the wolf must defend himself in the Trial of the Century.

Accused of a variety of heinous crimes that include blowing down other people's houses, impersonating grandmothers, and gobbling up little girls, the much maligned and misunderstood Woolfie must defend himself or face dire consequences.

This new look at an old take explores prejudice in its many forms, and features such characters as Judge Billy Goat Gruff, Little Bo Peep as the bailiff, gangster pigs, a befuddled attorney and a interactive panel of jurors. The play builds to an unexpected ending using audience participation and a surprise witness.


Members of the Intermediate group

Crew (for both shows)


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