Write on Time (1976)

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The Education of the Fifth Person by Jane Serter, Geranium by Christopher Stone & The Pursuit of the Whole by John Jorath

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Performances: Sat 18th – Sun 19th September 1976, Prompt Corner


three writers were commissioned to write a play each for Prompt Corner lasting between 30 mintues and one hour. Scripts had to be completed within four weeks.

The object was for the authors to write a play and have it performed - all to a deadline. Problems which arose in the course of rehearsals could be worked out with the actors and directors so helping them to a better understanding of the craft of playwriting.

It is basically a Writer's Workshop but no indulgence is expected of the audience on that account.

The Plays

  • The Education of the Fifth Person

It is left to the individual imagination to decide if, in the pursit of one's ideal, the achievement warrants the search.

  • Geranium

Entering into conversation is one way of making contact - or is it? "Have you got a problem?" says one. Well, has he?

  • The Pursuit of the Whole

A progressive school where sex is the main subject and progress is rapid and all-embracing. This was repeated the Rhoda McGaw Theatre in a festival promoted by the Woking Drama Association from who's programme these details were taken.

Produced by Ann Parnell-McGarry



Stage Manager - Jack Fitzgerald


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