Vincent in Brixton (2006)

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Poster by Maria Bates

by Nicholas Wright

Directed by Jenny Gammon

Performances: Tue 7th - Sat 11th March 2006, Bell Theatre


A double love story this one. Forget Valentine’s Day and make this your romantic evening out. Vincent Van Gogh, famous for his sunflowers, his country paintings in the South of France, amongst many other art works, came to live in Brixton in 1873. He fell in love (more than once) and found a soulmate here who shared the bewilderment of deep depression and a passionate desire for love and life over and above the dreary day to day existence. We chart Vincent’s progress from being an art dealer, a teacher, a fervent preacher to the beginnings of his creative talent in this innovative play from the National Theatre.



No production can happen here without tremendous thanks to many other people who contribute and give moral support. Amongst the famous (and in no particular order) are: Louisa Evans, djruthless, Bernie Bullbrook, Emma Hillman, Matthew Lyne, Dee Fancett, Kevin Monk, Francesca Wilson, Sarada Earnshaw, Elaine Heath, Ego, Jay Michaels, James Denny, Angela Barnes, Mike Elliott and their supporting cast.


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