The Spinach Eaters (1983)

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Poster by Poster Designer

by Claire Booker

Directed by Ken Lucas

Performances: Sat 21st & Sun 22nd May 1983, Prompt Corner


The scene is Douglas Rochford's dining room, in a house once handsome, now antiquated, with a view of the adjacent kitchen




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Reminiscences and Anecdotes

From the May 1983 issue of SCENE. "Acting on the maxim of not shouting until you have something worth talking about, the Writers' Circle now presents three (one was cancelled) new plays in the Prompt Corner on the weekend Sat and Sun 21st & 22nd May. It is hoped the programme will end the reign of darkness in that theatre.

Casting for these three plays please contact Ken Lucas or Chris King.

So the plays were being cast in the same issue as they were advertised!!!

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