The Seagull (2010)

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Poster by Dave Hollander

by Anton Chekhov

Directed by Dave Hollander

Performances: Tue 17th – Sat 21st August 2010, Prompt Corner


Konstantin, a young playwright, has aspirations to create an exciting new type of drama, yet his efforts are constantly mocked by his overbearing mother (Mme Arkadina), a grande dame of the theatre. He mounts a disastrous production of his play, starring Nina, whose "talents" are immediately spotted by Arkadina - clearly she believes the young ingénue has star potential. Trigorin, an experienced older writer and friend of the family, offers advice, but this doesn't do much to quell Konstantin's frustration: his fate as the archetypal tortured writer seems sealed.

The Seagull is the first of Chekhov's major plays - and his first success with the Moscow Art Theatre under Stanislavsky's direction. Despite the Russian dramatist's reputation for heavy-going drama, the play sparkles with satirical humour as it asks questions about the nature of theatre and family ties.





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