The Romance (1987)

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by Claire Booker

Directed by W. Malcolm Woodman

Performances: Fri 11th – Sun 13th December 1987, Prompt Corner


Text about the play




I suppose the warning about maiden aunts referred to Claire Booker's bright comedy THE ROMANCE, since it concerned the tricky subject of gonorrhoea played strictly for laughs.

Has Peter given it to his wife Becky, or the other way round? What excuse will each offer the other for suspending marital relations while the clinic sorts them both out.

My own feelings, and not in a spirit of censure, was that the play was simply not very funny, and had no social message to offer in compensation. But it was played with admirable polish, and Paul Valleau and Julie Becket certainly made the most of their bedroom scene, which contained much of the humour that was going.

Her brittle sophistication found its agreeable contrast in the naive flutter of Karen McCloud as her friend and confidante Jane.

Su Hands, as Peter's old flame Anita, performed the same service in reverse for him, offering shrewd advice underpinned by a wealth of disenchantment.

I found the whole evening by no means boring, but it always seemed to promise more than it delivered.

Donald Madgwick, The Croydon Advertiser, as reprinted (with permission) in SCENE.


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