The Rise and Fall of Little Voice (2017)

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Poster by Michael Marsden

by Jim Cartwright

Directed by Charlotte Benstead

Performances: Tuesday 25 – Saturday 29 July 2017 and Saturday matinee, Upper Hall, Stanley Halls


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Some review quotes go here "Congratulations to Charlotte and the LV cast and crew for the most engaging and uplifting production I have seen at SLT for some time. I have had a lot on my plate of late, but this was just the ticket. This show should really be on for another week. If it was, I'd gather people and come and see it again for sure, as I know it would give them a lift too. Thanks guys and I'm sure it'll finish with a flourish tonight. " Su McClaghlan

"The intimate staging of Little Voice let my eyes easily roam around the telltale objects that signified a household lacking in money and care. The regular inspection of the fridge contents a symbol of the basic and universal need for food,shelter and comfort, the installation of a telephone a clawing attempt at upward mobility and increased social standing. But all for nowt for the Off household.... The dice is set against Mrs Off -her only prize the fast fading beauty and sexual allure of her youth now jockeyed out of position by the growing interest in her daughter 's singing talent. This daughter displays the quiet traits of her father whose passion for music was the ONLY legacy he could give her and is so very alien to Mrs Off s own navigation of a world where dreams are built upon the magnified promises that booze whispers in your ear offering you a way out from the factory floor. Marital silence and the consequent failed marriage now prompt Mrs Off to scream down every last trace of the father-daughter pact that excluded her and which she cannot fathom. She would rather take the small bait from the basking sharks who lurk around LV and feed her own lost opportunity. The enduring theme of maternal neglect punched me hard in the tear ducts-the final scene in the shell of what was never a home for LV broke me. A small yet significant comfort that LV finally summons the courage and finds her(non singing) voice to vent her anger. This is truly a bittersweet production of richly comic lines and contrasting tender moments that seesaw your emotions and provide a window into the psychology of damaged relationships. An incredibly talented cast and so very perfectly cast... so many things to say so for now ...Annie -wardrobe envy 😉 Rob Tavernier-also wardrobe envy 😉 David Carr moustache envy, Fiona Daffern -dance moves and biscuit envy and to Little Voice herself-no envy just a sincere wish that you will get out there with your incredible gift and spread your magic!! Congratulations to Charlotte Benstead ( it wasn't Too Long..) and Peter Bond and to stage management -thanks Caroline !! PS Sorry my glow stick ' went off ' pre cue" - Suzy Jacobsen

"Dear Little Voice cast Thank you for a blinding show tonight. I enjoyed every single performance in this highly entertaining and also very moving piece. Bethan Davis - you are a revelation! Congratulations to director Charlotte Benstead, MD Peter Bond , and everyone who contributed to this great night out. Good luck for the rest of the run." - Audrey Lindsay


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This production had completely sold out several days before the run started.

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