The Promise (1975)

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by Aleksei Arbuzov

Directed by Ann Parnell-McGarry

Performances: Sun 1st – Sat 7th November 1975, Theatre


THE SIEGE. The play opens some six months after the siege began. On 11 September 1941 the German army were at the southern gates of Leningrad. They were to stay there besieging the city for two and a half bitter years! During the siege public facilities ceased, water gave out, newspapers vanished but, above all, there was no food. For a worker, the bread ration at its lowest level produced 466 calories a day. The minimum for subsistence is 3000. With temperatures dropping to -40 degrees in winter, the weather became as dangerous as the continuous bombardments and air attacks. The city to stay alive became a huge, improvised fortress and factory; also a vast charnel-house. When the siege ended 3/4 of a million people had died in Leningrad.

The play takes place in one room of a Leningrad apartment.

Act 1 Spring 1942 Act 2 Spring 1946 Act 3 Winter 1969




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