The Meter Men (1967)

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by C. Scott Forbes

Directed by William Merrow

Performances: Mon 4th – Sun 10th December 1967, Theatre


The Meter Men, from which the film The Penthouse was derived, is the first play by the well-known actor C. Scott Forbes. Its theme is a complementary one of aggression and destruction, and on the other hand, of acceptance and integrity.




"Spine chilling 'Meter Men' is a success" South London Advertiser

If you want to witness a spine-chiller success then the South London Theatre centre's presentation "The Meter Men" was a real winner. It is so spine chilling, both in its literary content and its acting talent, that on the first night one member of the audience couldn't stick it and retired from the auditorium in the first fifteen minutes.

The Meter Men, by C. Scott Forbes, is something quite new and original in the way of a play, and is, incidentally, the author's first play........Except for a one-night performance months ago, the South London Theatre Centre production is the play's first production in England, though it has been performed in Sweden.


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