The Lion In Winter (1976)

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Poster by Poster Designer

by James Goldman

Designed & Directed by John Woodrooffe

Performances: Sun 4th – Sat 10th April 1976, Main Stage


The drama of domestic strife is hardly new to the SLTC stage, but rarely have family conflicts concerned characters as imposing and illustrious as those in "The Lion in Winter".

Henry II is an old man but still retains the vigour and power that made him arguably England's greatest monarch. His wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, the richest woman in France and once the most famous beauty of her country, has the intelligence and cunning to match him and it is not for nothing that he keps her imprisoned.

Around them at a Christmas court, only too eager to exploit the explosive situation to their own ends, are their three sons; Geoffrey, Richard (later to become 'The Lionheart') and John (who later signed the Magna Carta) together with the devious Phillipe-Auguste, the Young King of France. Add a beautiful heiress to the plots and counterplots and you have ... "The Lion in Winter".

The action of the play passes in Henry's castle at Chinon, France. Time - Christmas 1183.




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I have many fond memories of my first SLT(C) production. Coming from New Zealand meant my accent was quite pronounced and was often the cause of much hilarity from other cast members. I overcame most words except lettuce which came out more like littuce. Those were the days - Bruce Murray

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