The Dracula Spectacula (2005)

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Poster by Ju Ratzin

by John Gardiner

Music by Andrew Parr

Directed by Emma Wilson Assistant Director John Thompson

Musical Director/Piano & Keyboards - Andrew Chadney

Choreography - Anna York

Performances: Tue 4th to Sat 8th October 2005, Bell Theatre


Most of us know the Dracula story of a Transylvanian count and his efforts to seduce innocents into becoming vampires and the forces of good that ultimately triumph over him. Well this is a little bit like that but with singing, dancing and a very corny script.

For those of you who need it here’s a quick recap with the Spectacula spin on things. The inexperienced Miss Nadia Naïve takes her pupils on a school vacation to Transylvania where they encounter adventures beyond their wildest imaginations. Dracula becomes very hot under the collar when he meets such innocence, and with help from his mother and manservant he tries to lure Nadia to an unknown fate deep within the bowels of his mysterious castle. But fear not, our hero Nicholas Necrophiliac with help from Father O’Stake, Hansel and Gretel and the locals, is here to save the day.



  • Miss Nadia Naive - Afia Nicholas
  • Kelly - Jessica Brough
  • Julie - Millie Hunt
  • Elvis - Joe Pettitt
  • Pilot - Lucy Patrick
  • Air Hostess 1 - Rita Goodhead
  • Air Hostess 2 - Aimee Pickering
  • Landau - George Mulcahy
  • Gretel - Jessica Stritch
  • Hans - Tom Harding
  • Dr Nick Necropolis - Liam Sharkey
  • Father O'Stake - Hector Plimmer
  • Dracula - Paul Gibbons
  • Genghis - David Clements
  • Wraith - Ami Patel
  • Farquarson - Holly Stritch


  • Riff-Raff - Siobhan O'Donnell
  • Scrubb Scratch - Alice Moniz
  • Dregs Booze - Naomi Passley
  • Clod Looby - George Mulcahy
  • Bogie Boots - Asia Pettitt

Pretty Girls


  • Viraj Bharadia
  • Hannah Fielding
  • Kate Martin
  • Nicholas Martin
  • Katherine Patrick
  • Holly Stritch

Brides of Dracula



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