Supanova (2007)

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Poster by Maria Bates

Directed by Maria Bates, Anton Krause, Dave Hollander, Stuart Draper, and Heather French

Performances: Wed 7th - Sat 10th March 2007, Bell Theatre


From Shakespeare and sword fighting to hard-hitting modern classics the SLT Youth Theatre showcased their talent in this evening of comedy, drama and musical mayhem:

Romeo and Juliet

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Anton Krause

An excerpt from the opening of Romeo and Juliet - a chance to showcase one of the specialist skills Youth Group members have been learning as thumbs are bitten and blades are drawn in the classic scene of conflict between the Montagues and the Capulets.

Watch rehearsal footage of this scene (You Tube)

Solo Dance number

Much Ado About Nothing (i)

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Dave Hollander

An short scene from the classic Shakespearean comedy, in which arrogant Benedick overhears a conversation between his friend Claudio and some respectable members of the establishment. Should he believe everything they say about spiky Beatrice's secret admiration?

A Victorian Play

By Shona Doyle
Directed by Maria Bates

A story of love, loss and a haunted house set in Victorian London. Written by youth group member, Shona Doyle.

  • Victoria Smythe - Alice Lowe
  • Elizabeth Smythe - Gabriella Curry
  • Anne Jones - Asia Pettitt
  • Dick Jones - Louis Hamilton
  • Estate Agent - Ben Dolman Bowles
  • Robber - Harry Coultas Blum
  • Charlotte - Caitlin Buchanan

The Gut Girls

By Sarah Daniels
Directed by Maria Bates

Three scenes from Sarah Daniels' play about the "Gut Girls" of Deptford, England, circa 1900. They are rowdy, boisterous, have mouths like sailors and are as strong as the oxen they gut. By day they are up to their knees in freshly slaughtered animal entrails, but in the evenings they are their own women, financially independent to a degree rare for young working-class women in Victorian England.


By Kes Gray
Directed by Dave Hollander

A powerful piece of new writing, inspired by the experience of being bullied at school.

The Universal Language

By David Ives
Directed by Anton Krause

From All In The Timing, David Ives’ inspired collection of comic vignettes, verbal gymnastics abound in this tale of a language lesson with a difference.

The Ten Percenters

Written and directed by Stuart Draper

Somewhere in the South of England, 1944. About tea time.

  • Hilary - Scarlett Dobson
  • Douglas - Taylor Richards
  • Harry - Liam Sharkey

Much Ado About Nothing (ii)

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Dave Hollander

A second scene from the shakespearean comedy: Beatrice's friend, Hero, has just been jilted at the altar by Claudio, a companion of Benedick –what can he say, when Beatrice is left to pick up the pieces?

The Pitchfork Disney

By Philip Ridley
Directed by Maria Bates

The Stray twins, Presley and Haley, live together in a sublimely tortured state of arrested development, apparently brought on by the mysterious disappearance of their parents. Only we know our innermost fears - what do you do to prevent the terrors taking hold?

  • Presley - Harry Coultas Blum
  • Presley's Imagination - David Clements
  • Hayley - Caitlin Buchanan
  • Hayley's Imagination - Asia Pettitt

The Philadelphia

By David Ives
Directed by Anton Krause

Another piece from All In the Timing, this time thrusting its unsuspecting characters into "a Philadelphia", a Twilight Zone-like state where nobody can get what they ask for. The only way out of their dilemma? To ask for the opposite of what they want.


Written and directed by Stuart Draper

Don’t you just hate it when you get back from a hard days work, only to discover a dead stranger in you living room?

  • Mike - Christopher Hynes
  • Harry - Oliver Hellman
  • Detective - Paris Capone
  • Pizza Delivery Boy - Taylor Richards
  • Corpse - Liam Sharkey

Solo Song

Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon & Garfunkel), performed by Declan Doyle


A version of Twist and Shout (Lennon & McCartney), performed by the whole company and choreographed by Heather French


The Directors, Cast and Crew would like to extend a huge thank you to the following people who have helped to make this production possible: Neil Carmichael, Katie Franson, Kimball Denetso, Sharon Kaye, Kes Gray, Gabriella Charlotte Curry, Alice Lowe, David Clements, Ella Rigby Lewenstein, Hans Mudlamootoo, Alan Buckman, Mike Elliott, Val Williams, Phil Gammon and Dee Fancett.


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Reminiscences and Anecdotes

Members are encouraged to write about their experiences of working on or seeing this production. Please leave your name. Anonymous entries may be deleted.

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