Student Enterprise (1975)

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A resounding Tinkle by N. F. Simpson The Black & White and The Last to Go by Harold Pinter

Directed by Director

Performances: April 1975, Prompt Corner


Text about the play




No names were printed of the second year students taking part in N.F. Simpsons "A Resounding Tinkle" and Harold Pinter's sketches "the Black and White" and "Last to Go".

Respecting the reticence of this Prompt Corner enterprise, I merely record that the second of the Pinter pieces was excellently interpreted, the famous pauses being used like rapiers; and that the Simpson, lacking the manic conviction to lend theatrical credibility to its unrealistic material, went rather flat after about 15 minutes or so.

The humour fizzed only fitfully. the three players picked their way cautiously through the verbal foliage, instead of presenting a picture of middle-class manners serenely sailing along on a tide of absurdity.

The first half of the bill consisted of Conversation Pieces written and acted by the first year students, who were duly named in the programme. The best by a long thread was Sam Serter's mime of a bachelor sewing on a button. Fine, inventive stuff, which might encourage the Prompt Corner to think in terms of an evening (or at least half an evening) of mime.

Imogen Donnelly's "On the Bus" was simple and most natural; Pauling Richmond's "Once Upon a TIme" and Val Elliott's "Ups and Downs" was a good idea in need of development. The rest contained moments of interest, and justified the experiment.

Donald Madgwick, The Croydon Advertiser.


Reminiscences and Anecdotes

Apart from the review and photos very little has been kept in the Prompt Corner archive book.

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