Singles (2012)

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Poster by Dave Hollander

by John Bowen

Directed by Steph Urquhart

Performances: 8pm, Tue 5th – Sat 9th June 2012, Bell Theatre


Miss Sophie Baines is a woman who knows exactly what she wants 'I want a child. I intend to have one. I do not want a husband.' Sex itself is a 'disagreeable preliminary'. 'Singles' follows Sophie's somewhat unconventional efforts to conceive despite her family's disapproval, complications with the donor and interference from the window cleaner. A moving, naturalistic comedy




There are a lot of people who I have to thank for their help, advice, distractions and general support as a matter of fact: my amazingly nice and hard-working cast and crew; Kay George, who, although (she) couldn't be with us for the show, was invaluable in the lead up to it; Catherine Ellis; Alan Buckman; Hazel Hindle and Nancy Reid; Lisa Thomas; Chaz Doyle; Jacqui Osmond; Matthew Lyne and the bar staff; Jeanette Hoile and the FoH/Raffle Team; Jess Osorio and Box Office; Theatre Committee for letting me have another go; Michelle Thomson; Carole Coyne, our rep; Nick and everyone at The Park; the casts and crews of The Deep Blue Sea, A Walk in the Woods and The White Devil; David Hawkins; Caroline Doyle; Daniel Kelly; Tiffaney Lashley; Siobhan Campbell; Fiona Thomas (DT) and finally, Bob Urquhart for the idea, the inspiration and the lettuce thingy.


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