Sing Brel (1980)

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Poster by Poster Designer

Original Music & Lyrics by Jacques Brel with Gerard Jouannest
English Lyrics by Eric Blau with Mort Schuman

Production devised by Bruce Murray

Music arranged and directed by Lynn Jenner

Performances: Sat 26th& Sun 27th July 1980, Main Stage


From the program: -

Sing Brel is a presentation of songs by the Belgian composer/poet Jacques Brel. The show has no book and fastidiously avoids any story line. Rather the discovery of the Brel soul and its purpose is the songs themselves.

Each song is a complete drama, with a subtle beginning, a captivating middle aand a sharply penetrating ending. Together the songs reflect the attitudes of the sensitive, whimsical and wide spirited personality that is Jacques Brel. He creates art. And in creating this art he burns in us one idea: "Human values exceed all others and are superior to all others".

Following his death in late 1978, Brel's music enjoyed a great revival with numerous presentations on both stage and record. The S.L.T.C joined many tributes with our workshop production of "Sing Brel" in May 1979.

For those of you who have become devoted fans of Brel's music, "Sing Brel" will represent the S.L.T.C. at the Questors in October (1980).





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