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As on the SLT Productions page, please note that most of these pages are currently empty (although most of 2007 has now been accounted for). See Blackadder Night (2007) for a live example. (Blue links go to live pages and red ones are empty).

These events should also appear on their respective year pages, e.g. 2007. Since the records for these events are not archived in the same way as theatre productions, it is not anticipated that a full event list will become available for every year of the club's existence!

SLT Social Events

The following events have taken place at South London Theatre, usually held in the SLTC Members' Club Bar.

1967 - 1999

Please check years entries for these years' social events (click on year number before play list on SLT productions page).

2000 - 2009




2010 - 2019