Park (2009)

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Poster by Dave Hollander

Directed by Maria Bates, Peter Stevens, Dave Hollander and Stuart Draper

Performances: Wed 4th – Sat 7th March 2009, Bell Theatre


A new devised piece developed during South London Youth Theatre's Saturday workshops. The concept is simple: the show is divided into four playlets, each of which is loosely based on one of the seasons and set in an unnamed London park. These are taut tales of loss and discovery, fear and uncertainty, betrayal and hope, bound together by theme and setting.

Hide & Seek

directed by Maria Bates

Will you seek out your fears or hide in the shadows? This show developed from a simple game of “Hide and Seek” into what has become a metaphor for the transition from childhood innocence to the perplexity of teenage angst.

  • Jessica Brough
  • Scarlett Dobson
  • Catherine Parkes
  • Raffaella Patmore
  • Joe Pettitt
  • Chloe Anthony-Pillai
  • Liam Sharkey
  • Katy Thomas
  • Leanne Thomas

Stayin' Alive

directed by Peter Stevens

A lot can happen in thirty years. It's 1978 and the Bee Gees rule the air waves. All eyes are on Jim and Sarah, whose on-off relationship seems to be finally over. As the days get darker, the friends prepare for a party that will change all of their lives. 30 years later, the world is a scarier place. Emily and Nicole head to a party that threatens to sever their friendship...

  • Jim — Conor Jones
  • Emily — Lucy Pearce
  • Steve — David Clements
  • Nicole — Katie Patrick
  • Sally — Nina Caveliero-Knox
  • Rosie — Marnie Jacobsen
  • Sarah — Billie Miller
  • Beth — Anne Bailey
  • Eugene — Shivum Sharma

The Lodge

directed by Dave Hollander

A group of homeless teenagers seek refuge in a disused building in the middle of a park. When a stranger arrives, apparently chased by a gang, the group must decide whether it is safe to let him stay.

  • Annie — Zeena Starbuck
  • Lisa — Lucie Blackstaffe
  • Charlotte — Grace Lowe
  • Jane — Joanna Lanigan
  • Taylor — Reuben Lewis

The Gift

directed by Stuart Draper

There hasn’t been a proper harvest in over ten years. The people of Imrath Tir are dying. The only way forward is the Path of the Fathers. Eight children enter the Circle of Standing Stones to confront their shame – and their futures...

  • Ffion — Asia Pettitt
  • Ula — Zoë Plummer
  • Venora — Joan Henshaw
  • Keegan — Jack Shepherd
  • Tully — Kristin Caswell-Robinson
  • Kayne — Nick Lowe
  • Enid — Alice Lowe
  • Lyn — Rachel Judge
  • Seth — Ryan Bentley



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Production photos by Dave Hollander

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