Mrs Klein (2014)

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Poster by Lisa Thomas

by Nicholas Wright

Directed by Lisa Thomas

Performances: Tue 18th – Sat 22nd November 2014, Prompt Corner


Melanie Klein was one of the pioneers of the psychonanalysis of children. The play is set in 1933 when Mrs Klein had just received news of the death of her son in a climbing accident. Her daughter, Melitta, herself a psychoanalyst, believes that Hans' death was in fact suicide. She confronts her mother with the damage that she believed was caused to her and her brother by their mother's treatment of them as experimental subjects while they were children. A bruising encounter ensues, scarcely mediated by the presence of Paula, a refugee from Nazi Germany who is seeking analysis from Melanie Klein.




To: Steve Nash, Declan Doyle, the casts of Henry V, Flint Street Nativity and Nunsense, box office, bar and front of house staff, Jenny Gammon and Charlotte Benstead for extra rehearsal space.


Suzy Jacobsen What's in a name? Hmmm...'Klein'-German for small-how very appropriately incongruous. 'Melitta'-meaning little Melanie-who is the parent, who is the child? 'Paula'-Latin for small-when are the smallest cogs as vital as the large? Can we ever be completely objective? How can we know what the suckling infant feels? Whose reality is the truth? Yours, mine-or is it 'out there'? These are just the tip of the Jacobsen post show iceberg musings! Very well done to all and if you havent yet seen it-make an appointment to see your analyst! How many analysts does it take to change a light bulb? Answers please!

Matthew Lyne Sharing a room with a psychoanalyst may not not be everyone's idea of a good time; sharing it with three.......! Don't be put off by the premise; go and see three fine performances by three of SLT's best and brightest. Marvellous performances and excellent attention to detail by director and production team are the hallmarks of this production.


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