Miss Julie (2018)

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Poster by Bryon Fear

by August Strindberg

Directed by Anna Rubincam

Performances: Tue 15th – Sat 19th May 2018, Old Fire Station


The master is out and his daughter Julie has decided to join the servants at their dance to celebrate Midsummer's Eve. John and his fiancee Christine are finishing their duties in the kitchen. Even though she is far above him, Julie has alway fascinated him .... and tonight she has noticed him too!




Many thanks: Mark Ireson, Kim Goldsmith, Owen Chidlaw and the Conquering Heroes, the Conquering Hero Pub, Stanley Halls, the Rosendale Pub, Tim and Helen Barnard, Ivan Cudby, and Carl.


From the SLT Members Facebook group:

Miss Julie is everything that SLT should be and strive to achieve. A stunning set with costumes and lighting to match. The attention to detail is breathtaking which also includes a gorgeous soundscape. With all of this going on, the actors have a lot to live up to ... and they deliver! The performances were on the nail, nuanced and completely compelling. Every element has been thought about and brought to life beautifully - I think it's one of the best things I have seen at SLT. The bar has been raised - the benchmark has been set. Well done everyone, particularly Anna and her vision for the play.

Bryon Fear

Miss Julie is OUTSTANDING. Brilliant performances, meticulous direction and the best set I've seen yet. Massive well done to cast & crew and a huge shout out to Anna Rubincam for her directorial debut.

Lucie Sherwood

Absolutely gobsmacking performances from all three. And the production is visually stunning too. No professional theatre could do better. We are SO lucky to have this in our backyard! Congratulations to all involved!

Kaarina Meyer

Saw the show last night. Thank you for a riveting, wonderful evening, and congratulations Chas on a really gorgeous set.

Tom Melly

Miss Julie! Miss Julie!! Miss Julie!!!

You have seen this show? Then you know.

You haven't seen this show? Then go.

This is all there is to it.

But for those of you who want something more of a review: brilliant, flawless, performances from all 3 of the cast, direction which suggests the Director lies that this is her first time and a set so beautiful that at current London house prices you'd need to earn a 6 figure salary to live in.

Owen Chidlaw

Miss Julie is a very impressive production from Anna Rubincam and her team. A powerful play, sensitively handled. Lovely performances. Do see it.

Simon Gleisner

Miss Julie is the sort of production that makes me so proud to be a member of SLT. Terrific performances of an intense drama are enhanced by the combination of excellent costumes, sound and lighting, and a splendidly dressed realistic set. Well done Anna Rubincam and everyone involved.

You may think Strindberg is not your thing (and it's not an easy evening's viewing), but you'll kick yourself if you miss it.


Mark Ireson

So impressed with Miss Julie. Intense, passionate and emotionally truthful and enhanced by a beautiful and gorgeously lit set. Hoping Anna directs again very soon.

Lisa Thomas


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