Little Foot (2012)

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by Craig Higginson

Directed by Liz Bate, Estelle Buckridge, Jono Gadsby, Juliet Holden and Dave Workman

Performances: Wed 7th – Sat 10th March 2012, Bell Theatre


Deep within the South African underground caves, a group of friends meet to spend the night and explore its mysteries. The so-called 'Cradle of Humankind' caves are home to the oldest human remains. As the young friends venture deeper and deeper, strained relations and questions of loyalty take hold. With truths revealed and loyalties undone, these modern teenagers are stripped back to their primordial instincts. Surrounded by a chorus of ancestral voices, the group unravels. Just how far will modern humans go to exact revenge? This poetic play draws on Greek Tragedy and South African folklore to create a powerful portrayal of modern relationships.



Lianne Abrahams Gaia Ahuja Orla Carolyn George Crook Eve de Leon Allen Toby Dighero Jakob Hedberg Ava Ellen Hodgson Hann Lauren Iliffe Kitty Judge Evie Nuttgens Louise O'Hara Katie Patrick Connie Symons Theseus Stefanatos Anna van Miert Lili White


The cast and crew would like to extend their thanks to the following people who have helped wit this production:

Parents, family and friends of the cast for supporting their young people through the rehearsal process, Chaz Doyle, Alan Buckman, Anton Franks, Helen Fisher, Craig Higginson, Jeremy Herrin, The Cast and Crew of Enjoy and Kiss of the Spider Woman, Jess Osorio and her box office team, Matthew Lyne and the bar staff and Jeanette Hoile and the front of house staff.


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