Kiss of the Spider Woman (2012)

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by John Kander and Fred Ebb - Book adaptation by - Terrence McNally - Based on a novel by Manuel Puig

Directed by David Dellaire

Performances: 8pm, Tue 20th – Sat 24th March 2012, Prompt Corner


Molina, a transgender window dresser, is in a Latin American, serving a sentence for corrupting a minor. He lives in a fantasy world to flee the prison life. His fantasies turn mostly around movies, particularly around a vampy diva, Aurora. He loves her in all roles, but one scares him: This role is the spider woman, who kills with her kiss.

Molina cares for his tortured new cell mate, Valentin, a Marxist revolutionary. Valentin can't stand Molina and his theatrical fantasies and draws a line on the floor to stop Molina from coming nearer to him. Molina talks of Aurora and his mother, and Valentin at last talks of his lover, Marta.

Again, Valentin is tortured, again Molina has to care for him afterwards. In his fantasies, Aurora is next to him, helping him do so.

The prison promises Molina that he can see his very ill mother, only if he tells the name of Valentin's girlfriend. Molina knowingly eats poisoned food to protect Valentin and is nursed back to health by fantasies of his mother and Aurora. He then has to nurse Valentin back to health after he unknowingly eats the poisoned food.

Valentin finally opens up and shares his fantasies and hopes with Molina. Molina is allowed a short while at the telephone with his mother. Once back he announces to Valentin that he's going to be freed for his good behaviour the next day. Valentin begs him to do a few telephone calls for him, Molina at first refuses, but Valentin knows how to persuade his cell mate...

Molina is brought back the next day, heavily injured. He has been caught in the telephone call, but refuses to tell whom he has phoned. The warden draws his pistol, threatening to shoot him, if he doesn't tell. Molina confesses his love to Valentin and is shot. Aurora bends over him and gives her deadly kiss.

In memory of Lee Hopkins 1987 - 2012.


  • Gabriel/Prisoner/Count Ostrovsky/Chorus - Steve Brown



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