Henry IV (1983)

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Poster by Poster Designer

by Luigi Piradello

Directed by Mike Mattey

Performances: Sun 10th – Sat 16th April 1983, Bell Theatre


20 years ago Henry was simply riding his horse in a fancy-dress pageant dressed as the 11th-century German Emperor Henry IV. He fell from his horse, injured his head and became fixed in the 11th century like a stopped watch. Dr Genoni and his friends have a plan to give Henry a shake and start him ticking again as though nothing had happened. They want to bring Henry face to face with reality - but what is reality?




"..an excellent set, lighting could have been better. Les Lidyard excellent, An usual high standard....Bob Marshall.

"..despite an excellent set and sterling performances from Les Lidyard and Ann Mattey the production struggled against too many handicaps to succeed, in particular the play itself..." Eddie Clark.

"...costume and set extremely good, and lighting...." visitor.

"Les' performance was good, majority of the others were fairly solid but the direction was sometimes a little awry. The lighting designer should be told the first principal of stage lighting is that the performance should be seen...." Mike Mawby.


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