Hallowe'en Ball (2010)

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Organised by Louisa Evans


  • Michelle for help decorating the entire theatre with me
  • Adam, the complete hero of the night, coming in early to set up everything, working away and taking all my worries with him- this man is GOLD DUST
  • Mark I for helping set up also- plus he took everything down again!
  • Hazel - Food and Lovebox painting
  • Caroline Doyle - Lovebox design and gorgeous Kissagram cards
  • Naomi and Chaz on bar the whole night- looking absolutely amazing
  • The UNDEAD KENNEDIES - brill band brought together by Neil C - and fantastic to have you boys, look tremendously hot
  • Donna and Imelda for the BRILLIANT Thriller Dance class
  • Janet Low and Stevie H for spine tingling tales of 'orror (I could listen to them all over again for days)

Also, thanks to:

  • Jenny Mac for delicious cakes
  • Christian Murphy- for managing sound in various places so I didn't have to- and doing all of the washing up the next day at home as I just broke
  • Dave H for loan and set-up of the projections, and Anton and Brian for loan of their Nosferatu DVDs
  • Peter and the cast of Trainspotting helping clear stages and generously finishing rehearsals early so we could decorate
  • Carol for manning the door and sending out 1000s of emails
  • Jeanette for displaying the posters a month in advance
  • Nick from The Park for lending us the Bain Maries, buying and bringing the hot dogs and buns and fuel

Undead Kennedies

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