Gaslight (1972)

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Poster by Poster Designer

by Patrick Hamilton

Designed & Directed by D'Auvergne Barnard

Performances: Sun 23rd & Tues 25th - Sat 30th September 1972, Theatre




Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton (South London Theatre Centre)

Oh, no! Not again! A natural reaction, but for an audience prepared to overcome such prejudice this cast produced moments when the solar plexus tightened with anxiety. Would the half demented Mrs Manningham accept the help of the bouncy intruder claiming to be a Detective Inspector? Would the husband discover him hiding in the dressing room?

The Sturdy Victorian set was one within which the actors could move with confidence as they portrayed cruelty, terrified submission, devotion, Cockney pertness and the triumph of justice. Trousers had not quite the correct cut and two of the hairstyles were too modern; but great credit was also due to the stage lighting which coped so surely with countless changes of gaslight

Plays and Players November 1972


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