Five Women (2012)

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Poster by Mark Davies

by Tony Parker

Directed by Janet Haney

Performances: 8pm, Tue 24th January – Sat 1st February 2012, Prompt Corner


On a cold spring morning in 1963 five women were released from Holloway Prison. Each of these women agreed to give their life story to an unassuming writer, Tony Parker. In the 1960's the BBC commissioned Five Women as a 'Play For Today', but suddenly it was dropped, the BBC worried that the public would be unable to distinguish fact from fiction. A row between artists and management ensued in the Radio Times until a cut version was eventually screened in 1969. Perhaps the controversy was less to do with the question 'is it art?' than the difficulty of hearing about real women living less than ideal lives. Our version of this play was devised from the original text into five monologues.



Thanks to Keith Soothill, Tim Parker, Julian Petley, Tony Garnett and Roy Battersby for their help and encouragement. Also to SLT and all its volunteers, in particular Richard Bennison, Helen Chadney, Carole Coyne, Jeanette Hoile, Si Holland, Dave Hollander, Mark Ireson, Gavin Parker, Lisa Thomas, BoxO, & Bar.


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