Dick Barton: The Tango of Terror (2011)

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Poster by Poster Designer

by Phil Wilmott directed by Jack King

Performances: Tuesday 15th to Saturday 19th March 2011, Prompt Corner


Based on the classic 1940s radio serial this is a truly hilarious send-up of all things frightfully British, gung-ho jolly hockey sticks and putting Johnny Foreigner well and truly in his place.

A ruthless Latin lothario has set his sights on the women of London. No gal is safe from the swarthy continental’s sultry seductions as he cha-cha-chas his wicked way into their boudoirs and jewellery boxes. But have no fear, square-jawed British hero Barton and his team are on hand to save the day.




Naomi: Loved it! Yes, it's a bit rough round the edges in places, but the sheer jollity and sense of fun and gusto from the performers, not to mention a daftly funny script powers the show on and makes it impossible not to have a good time.

Sardines: http://www.sardinesmagazine.co.uk/reviews/review.php?reviewsID=133


Thanks to Phil Gammon http://www.photos.sltarchive.co.uk/dick_barton/

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