Catch-22 (2003)

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Poster by Nick Mansley

by Joseph Heller

Directed by Peter March and James Sparling

Performances: 9th – 12th July 2003, Prompt Corner

About the play

Calling all members of 162 squadron. You are asked to report at 20:00 hours prompt, SLT, 9th - 12 July inclusive.

The (as far as we know) UK premiere of Joseph Heller's own adaptation of his enduring and popular book Catch-22 is taking the South London Theatre by storm this July. By turns ridiculous, frequently hysterical, always funny, the script shoots around between Bologna, Naples, Rome, Avignon as the increasingly lunatic members of Bomber Command, come to grips with more and more bombing missions, during the second world war. Like the book, the play resonates in these war-torn times, and points out the absurdity and ultimate futility of war, from the perspective of the bombers and their idiot commanders.

Our hero Yossarian is tossed on pointless mission after mission, sometimes castigated, sometimes lauded. All he seeks is a way out, and a way to buck the original Catch-22 that he finds himself trapped by.

This play is unsuitable for people with an aversion to loud bangs, pyjamas and a deep love of war.

Over and Out


Below is a copy of the programme as handed out during the performance.


(listed alphabetically)

Thanks to (in no order at all) Lisa Marsh, Will Howard, Peter Fortune, Lancasters Bar, Chris Vian-Smith, Mike Elliott, Bernard Bullbrook, Shaun Stone, Liam Campbell, Helen Chadney

The action is set on the island of Pianosa (somewhere south of Elba), circa 1943 in US Airforce, 162 Squadron.

There are two halves to this whole, the running time is approximately 100 minutes, 20 minutes for the interval. Latecomers will be humiliated.

No flashing, talking, coughing, or radio-telegraphic cellular phones. Those contravening these directives will be shot on sight without trial. No weapons of mass destruction were harmed/found in the making of this production, how-ever we reserve the right to accuse any Arab state of being able to fire at us within 45 minutes, regardless of reprisal, evidence to the contrary or health and safety regulations.

This is a Donald Rumsfeld production in association with A Campbell.

Whilst we have made every effort to ensure the complete lack of authenticity in this production, mistakes may have been made.


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Reminiscences and Anecdotes

This was the last SLT play Donald Madgwick reviewed before he died.

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