Cake Off (2011)

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Organised by Catherine Ellis



Category 1: Emma Kerby-Evans

Category 2: Jenni Chadney

Category 3: Hannah Baines

Presentation Award: Hannah Baines

Judges' Award: Naomi Liddle


SLT Cake Off 2011 – The Regulations

All regulations contained herein shall be subject to the provisions of regulations 6(b) and 6(c), below.

Regulation 2: Categories

(a) All cakes submitted into the competition must be placed in one of the three categories detailed in regulations 2(c), 2(d) and 2(e).

(b) Any entrant submitting a cake under the categories detailed in regulations 2(c), 2(d) and 2(e) may also enter their cake into the category outlined at regulation 2(g), provided they have registered their cake within the first category prior to 8.45pm on the night;

(c)(i) Cakes entered into Category One must be of baked sponge and not contain any fruit save in a decorative capacity;

(ii) “A decorative capacity” is defined as being placed externally on the sponge, including where used to bind two separate pieces of sponge together;

(d)(i) Cakes entered into Category Two must contain an item of fruit or vegetable as part of their baked ingredients.

(ii) “As part of their baked ingredients” is defined as comprising part of the cake mixture prior to being placed in the oven.

(e) Cakes entered into Category Three will comprise of any cakes not eligible for Categories One or Two and may include items that have not been baked in an oven.

(g) Cakes entered into Category Four will be photographed upon registration, prior to being placed for tasting. Photographs of the entries will be displayed and any person present at the Cake Off will be entitled to judge and vote upon the entry based upon its presentation;

(h) Savoury items will be ineligible for the competition.

(i) The Cake Committee, in their absolute discretion, may alter the categories at any time.

(j) The Cake Committee may, in their absolute discretion, rule upon which category any particular entry is suitable for and there will be no right of appeal save that representations may be made once by the entrant in question whereupon The Cake Committee may reconsider their initial decision.

Regulation 3: Entering

(a) All entrants, upon arrival, must present their entry to a member of The Cake Committee for registration.

(b) The Cake Committee, in conjunction with The Cake Sub-Committee, will be responsible for dividing all entries into tasting slices and of photographing all entries into Category Four prior to division.

(c) Any person bringing a cake for entry into the competition shall not be subject to regulation 4(a) below.

(d) Multiple entries are permitted but limited to one entry per category, save for Category Four in which all entries into another category are eligible subject to being registered prior to 8.45pm in accordance with regulation 2(b);

(e) All entries will be presented anonymously to those tasting or viewing.

(f) (i) Any entries containing nuts must be identified.

(ii) Any entries containing substances prohibited by UK law must be identified.

(iii) Any entries found to be in breach of Regulations 3(f)(i) or 3(f)(ii) will be automatically disqualified.

(iv) The Cake Committee, at their absolute discretion, reserve the right to appropriate any entries containing substances prohibited by UK law for their own personal consumption.

(g) All entries must be registered by 9.15pm in order to be eligible for the competition.

Regulation 4: Voting

(a) All persons attending the Cake Off are asked to make a £3 donation to the theatre.

(b) All persons attending the Cake Off will receive ten tasting tickets (which they may exchange for slices of the competition entries) and a voting form.

(c) Subsequent slices may be purchased at 30p per slice.

(d) Any person who has sampled a competition entry may vote upon it subject to the provision in regulation 4(e).

(e) Any person present may vote on the entries submitted under Category Four, for which tasting does not form part of the voting eligibility requirements;

(e) Voters will be permitted to nominate up to three entries for each category in order of preference.

(f) The Cake Committee will collect and count votes at 10pm with winners in each category being announced at 10.30pm.

Regulation 5: Appeals

Should any person challenge the vote count in any category a recount shall take place. The person challenging the vote count may nominate a person to observe the recount. The person announced as winner of the category may nominate a person to observe the recount and one member of The Cake Sub-Committee will also observe the recount.

Regulation 6: The Cake Committee

(a) The Cake Committee shall comprise of Catherine Ellis (Head of The Cake Committee), Adam Crook and Sue Jacobsen.

(b) The Cake Committee may make any decision regarding The Cake Off at any time prior to, during and after the competition and their decision shall be final. Such decision may be contrary to these regulations if the Cake Committee, in their absolute discretion, so decides.

(c) If there is disagreement within The Cake Committee as to any decision, the decision of The Head of The Cake Committee shall prevail.